From the practically perfect Mary Poppins, we now have a perfectly villainous crew joining the Miss Mindy presents Disney Collection…meet our evil ladies

Miss Mindy’s ‘Cartoon Folk Art’ ranges from fluid ink drawings and paintings, to her fabulously handcrafted sculptures in our launch collection. She plays with the characters’ lines — exaggerating their head shapes and enlarging the expressive eyes, whilst making other features more petite.

Miss Mindy inherited her flair for art from her grandmother who was an ink and paint girl for the Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s and 1940s. Miss Mindy’s world is a circus of the unexpected. Her extravagant kingdom re-imagines Disney’s most iconic, beloved and now evil characters and presents them in a new collection.

This year sees wonderful depections of Cinderella, Gus and Jaq, perfect for celebrating their 70th anniversary. There are also scary new additions from the cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Our group of wicked villains includes the original wicked Queen from Snow White and the slightly more up-to-date Cruella, Queen of Hearts and the magnificent Maleficent! All brought more scarily to life by using vinyl which allows sculptors to have much more control and show much more detail!

On a more friendly level…there is Rapunzel, the lost Princess from Disney’s Tangled and Pascal, her pet chameleon who lives with Rapunzel in the secluded tower.

There is of course still the fabulous collection of vinyl figurines — in her signature style and bold colours.

© Disney © Miss Mindy